Ring Theory Assignment Help

Ring Theory Assignment Help

Ring Theory is a study in abstract algebra which deals with the study of algebraic structure - rings. It can be divided into two types – Commutative Ring and Non-commutative Rings.  It finds application in various topics like ring of invariants, coordinate ring of an algebraic variety, ring of integers of number field and many more.

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Commutative Rings Noncommutative Rings
Dimension of a Commutative Ring Structure of Noncommutative Rings
Artin–Wedderburn Theorem Goldie's Theorem
Isomorphism Theorems for Rings Representation Theory
Morita Equivalence Algebraic geometry
Nakayama's Lemma Zariski–Samuel Theorem
Ring of Integers The Coordinate Ring of an Algebraic Variety
Jacobson Density Theorem Hopkins–Levitzki Theorem
Ring of Invariants Wedderburn's Little Theorem
Morita Theory Algebraic number theory