Markov Chains Assignment Help

Markov Chains Assignment Help

Markov chain or Discrete Time Markov Chain (DTMC) is a study of progression of a process or a chain of discrete probabilistic events which are linked to each other. It is named after Russian mathematician Andrey Markov.It is one of the most interesting concepts in statistics and finds its application in various fields like physics, chemistry, speech recognition, economics, finance, music, games, baseball, internet applications and many more. Some of the popular concepts on which most of the problems and assignments of Markov Chain revolves are Ergodicity, Bernoulli scheme, Finite state space, transience, periodicity and reducibility.

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Finite State Markov Chains Poisson Processes
Rates of convergence to Stationarity Classification of States
Piecewise deterministic Markov Processes Random walks in one, two and three dimensions
Birth-and-Death Processes Calculation of n-step Transition Probabilities
Feller processes Random Walk on Finite Group
Reversibility and the M/M/1 queue Markov Property
Convergence to Equilibrium for Ergodic Chains Dirichlet Form and Spectral Gap Methods
Stationary Distribution Affine processes.
Diffusion processes Hitting Probabilities and Mean Hitting Times
Reversibility and Ehrenfest’s Urn Model Coupling Methods with Applications