Paperless Assignments: Shift from paper & pen to digital

Math is interesting with various fascinating applications like Cryptology, Computer science, Aircraft landing field length, Rocket launch trajectory analysis, Computer Aided Design, tracking and searching for submarines and estimation of ocean currents.  Hence to be successful in any field, we need to have a good grasp of mathematics. The school and college syllabus, assignments, projects are designed taking this into consideration.

As the Generation Z is exposed to laptops and tablets at a very early stage in life, everything has become digital for them. Even assignments, homework and studies! Slowly Math is shifting from pen and paper to digital. The syllabus, curriculum, examination pattern and the coaching approach has changed drastically from Generation Y to Generation Z and slowly schools and colleges across the world are adapting to this change.

Now a day everything is moving from books to digital. School children might not enjoy solving math assignment but they definitely enjoy playing online cool math games. As per Math experts, playing math game is a brain training exercise and it one of the best way of developing logical thinking and analytical abilities. Students have started searching for relevant information on Google rather than college library. They use dropbox to store and share information. They use excel sheets to solve a problem and word document to write essays, dissertation and thesis. User friendly softwares like Microsoft excel, CAD, Matlab, SPSS and others have made life easier for a Math expert. The approach of solving the math problem is the only thing that matters and the final answer and accuracy is taken care by the computer.

Mathematics experts believe that there should be a balance between Pen and Paper and Digital coaching. Writing down things can help the students clear their mind, clarify their doubts, improve their cognitive abilities and remember things better. Some experts even say that pen is mightier than the computer keyboard. But going digital, helps save time and improves accuracy. Using computer tools and software; students can solve more problems in less time, improve solution accuracy, design various charts and graphs to represent data more accurately and write and edit dissertations faster. As both methods of solving the assignments have their own benefits, colleges should come up with a syllabus which harnesses the strengths of both and helps student gain mastery over Mathematics.