The omnipresence of Mathematics

Math has been a part of our lives since the beginning of time. It most probably originated with counting. Everybody counts various quantities almost every day. We count without realising that we are using various concepts of Math for the everyday activities. For example, when I go to supermarket to buy a shampoo, I compare the prices and the quantity of shampoo I will get for that price, I calculate the discount I will get for buying more quantity and I also calculate how long I would be able to use that shampoo bottle (taking into consideration the average shampoo quantity I use for one wash, frequency of washing hair in a week and the total quality of shampoo in the bottle I buy).

We count the time we talk on cell phone and the money charged for that call. While cooking, we measure the quality of every ingredient and sometimes we even multiply or divide the quantity of ingredients based on requirements. We go out with friends and we use math to split the cost. If we get a pocket money or a salary – the decisions regarding how much money can be spent, how much can be invested and how much can be saved also requires mathematics. We use math while checking social media as well. (How many likes my facebook profile picture has? In how many groups can I share the post to increase the likes? ) We use math almost everywhere without even realising.

Mathematics is also behind the technology that we use in everyday life. In internet banking, cryptology is used for keeping the transactions safe. The games and puzzles that we play on mobile, internet or laptops are designed using various concepts of game theory and probability to keep the player engaged.

On an average we use math at least 50 times in a day. I know after reading this you will start counting how many times you have used math today and in doing so you are again using math.