Writing a Math Report

Math is a tough subject for most of the students and they take time to understand, analyze and then solve Math problems. Even after solving the problem, many students fail to get accurate answers. Even if you get accurate answers, the analytical work will not have value unless the student can translate the numbers into conclusion and then communicate it to the reader. This is what is expected from a Math essay, Math Dissertation and Math Thesis. Understand and analyze the data and then draw conclusion based on it. The ability to write accurate, concise, and professional reports is as important as the analysis that goes into solving the complex math problems.

This skill is not only valued at Graduate and Post-graduate level but it is highly valued in professional life. That is the reason reports are graded for their analytical content and communicative skills. Any person who is not even familiar with the your investigation topic should be able to read and understand your Math report  He should also be able to quickly go through the report and find a problem statement, the results obtained, and the significance of the work.  This is possible only if the data is thoroughly analyzed, problem statement, description and conclusions are clearly communicated and the referencing style, punctuation, grammar are also taken into consideration. Incorrect grammar or punctuation could change the meaning of a sentence.

As Math report writing is an important and integral part of student’s syllabus, here are few guidelines that will help students in writing Mathematics thesis, Mathematics dissertation, Mathematics Essay and Mathematics reports: 


The following guidelines should help you meet the requirements for written reports in mathematics.

  1. Content should be there so that the reader understand the flow of the report and knows what information he can find in the report
  2. Tables, graphs and figures should look professional and neat and appropriate title and legend should be given to them. When you are first referencing a table, graph and figure, place it on the page after explanation or on the same page.
  3. In all the tables and graphs, the units should be mentioned clearly labeled and the student should carry significant figures throughout the report.
  4. The text should be consistent in terms of style, font and margins.
  5. Use grammatically correct language. The sentences should be precise, and clear.
  6. Be sure of referring the mathematical elements and procedures by their conventional names.
  7. There should be a sense of continuity in the report. The reader should be able to follow the sequence of ideas presented in the report.
  8. Finally, proofread the entire report!

Organization of Report

The formal report is written to summarize an analysis or investigation of problems of interest.  The elements that should be included in your report are:

Letter of Summary – The letter provides basic summary and highlights the main points of the report.



  • Introduction
  • Theory
  • Analysis
  • Results & Discussion
  • Conclusions

References (if applicable)

Appendices (if applicable)