Right approach of solving math assignment

As a student, I feel like one of my biggest recurring issues is the time I spent on my math homework. I constantly questioning myself if I am spending too much time on my math assignment compared to my peers. The difficult math assignments are impacting my extra-curricular activities especially basketball practice. I needed math assignment help and I decided to first understand the aim of giving daily/ weekly math assignment in schools and colleges and then my approach in solving the math assignment. This will help me in saving time on future math assignments as well as help me excel in mathematics.

One of the primary goals of math assignment is to teach students how to understand, analyze, interpret and solve the problem to get the correct answer. Part of the math training lies in classroom teaching, daily math homework and part lies in presentations, thesis and dissertations. Now a day, teachers give math blogging assignments so that students can informally discuss their views on various math topics. In math blog assignments, students make an observation, pose a question, or talk about a connection between the mathematics they are learning in the class and their practical applications. Others post comments on the blog and express their own views on the topic. Thus math assignment is frequently given to improve the understanding of the student in the subject.

I am the kind of student who requires more time as I want to go over every single problem and provide step-by-step solution to every problem. Some of my friends complete the assignment in very less time but they do not go through the details or analyze if the problem can be solved using various methods and are only focused on getting the answer. Does that mean that I am wasting time in solving math assignment in detail? The time balance never seems quite right.

But I noticed that solving math problems step-by-step improved my understanding of subject. The time I am investing in solving math assignment will make me a math expert in a long run.  Daily math homework and math practice has indirectly improved my scores in subjects like physics, mechanics, and statistics.  

Rather than changing my approach of solving the math assignment step-by-step to just finishing the math assignment by getting answers to the problems, I prepared a time table. I decided to get up early (around 6 AM) morning and play basketball. I also allocated some time to pursue my other hobbies. I still get enough time to solve math assignment at my own pace.

Everybody has their own approach and everybody takes their own time in solving math assignments and math homework. I believe that whatever improves your understanding of the subject is the right approach for you and you should follow it.